Smallest All in One Computer

 It's just 2"x2"x2" inches square and

it's the Ultimate in Sexy!  


Turn your TV set into your fantasy home media center

This is the Perfect Media Center

Finally, an open source XBMC hardware platform with enough power and features to support an enthusiast’s needs.

  • Inbuilt WiFi, Bluetooth and IR receiver means no ugly external dongles to get your basic connectivity.
  • eSATA II provides more than enough bandwidth for your 1080p videos.
  • The Quad-core processor and 2GB of Ram means your XBMC menus and fanart will display quickly and smoothly to your screen.
  • To top it all off, optical audio out gives you true 5.1 audio without compromise.



Finally, the answer to the question “Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, or Boxee” is here –


Any TV becomes a smarter TV with CuBox-i.

Plug it in and start streaming Blu-ray and full HD videos, hi fidelity music, podcasts and just about any other digital media file – from local storage or directly from the web via your XBMC player.
It’s fast and easy, provides an instant Android TV box, and offers truly superior entertainment for the discerning user.


Put your laptop away.
At 2” X 2” X 2”, the CuBox-i is the world’s smallest computer EVER.

With its sleek and elegant design, the CuBox-i easily blends into your home or office décor.
You’ll hardly notice it, but when you do, you’ll love the way it looks.


                       Instant connection – any way you like it

The CuBox-i offers multiple connectivity options, wired and wireless, including:


  • 1 Gbps Ethernet port
  • 2 USB ports
  • Micro USB for system console
  • HDMI
  • eSATA
  • Optical audio out
  • InfraRed receiver and transmitter

Android TV Box ready

CuBox-i is available with pre-installed Android 4.4 – just plug and play.
Get your game on, browse the Internet, check emails, download XBMC,
update your Facebook page – any application you have on your Smartphone
will be that much better up on the big screen


                                      CuBox-i2CuBox-i2eX    CuBox-i4Pro
System On Chip i.MX6 Dual Litei.MX6 Duali.MX6 Quad
Core Count 2  2    4
Memory size1Gbyte1Gbyte2Gbyte
Memory Config 32 bit, 512MB @ 800Mbps64 bit, 1GB @ 800Mbps64 bit, 1GB @ 1066Mbps
GPU GC880GC2000   GC2000
3D GPU TypeOpenGL ES1.1,2.0OpenGL ES1.1,2.0 Quad Shader  OpenGL ES1.1,2.0 Quad Shader
Accelerated Media Enc/Dec   

Video Decoders: MPEG-4 ASP, XVID, H.264 HP, H.263, MPEG-2 MP, MJPEG BP, VP8, Sorenson-H263.Video Encoders: MPEG-4 SP, H.264 BP, H.263, MJPEG BP
Image Codecs: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG.
Audio Decoders: AAC, AACPlus, MP3, Vorbis, FLAC, audio encoder SBC, MP3, speech codecs G.723.1, G.726, G.711, G.729AB, NB/WB AMR.
Audio Encoders: SBC, MP3.
Speech Codecs: G.723.1, G.726, G.711, G.729AB,NB/WB AMR.

HDMI 1080p with CEC    1.4 1.4, 3D support  1.4, 3D support   1.4, 3D support
WiFi 11n OptionalOptional  
Powered USB 2.0222
Ethernet  10/100 Mbps10/100/1000 Mbps (*)10/100/1000 Mbps (*)
Micro SD Interface
eSata II 3Gbps 
RTC with backup battery 
Optical S/PDIF Audio Out  
Micro USB to RS-232  
InfraRed for Remote ControlReceiver Receiver & TransmitterReceiver & Transmitter
Power adapter specification DC Jack, 5.5mm Outer Diameter, 2.1mm Inner Diameter, 10.0mm long, 5V , Limited power source up to maximum 2A currentDC Jack, 5.5mm Outer Diameter, 2.1mm Inner Diameter, 10.0mm long, 5V , Limited power source up to maximum 2A currentDC Jack, 5.5mm Outer Diameter, 2.1mm Inner Diameter, 10.0mm long, 5V , Limited power source up to maximum 3A current
(*) Note that due to internal i.MX6 buses the 1000Mbps interface speed is limited to 470Mbps.




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CuBox-i 4×4

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