BroadLink SP Mini 3 WiFi Socket

BroadLink SP Mini 3 WiFi Socket

New BroadLink SP Mini 3 WiFi Smart Home Socket Switch Plug
Timer Wireless Remote Controller

BroadLink SP mini smart plug, you only need a simpe setting makes your home appliances smarter.

REAL SMART HOME Server & Full English App !!!
Revolutionary Smart Link Easy Connection
Remote Control no matter Wifi or 3G/4G !!!
Easy Friendly Timer Setting always Provide Help & Multi-Setting way Optional !!!
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Specification :
ModelSP mini 3
Communication ModeWi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)  
Wireless Power≤0.5W
Operating Related Humidity85%RH
Operating Temperature0 °C ~ 55 °C       
Power Supply  AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Input  AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Wattage2200W
Rated Current 10A
Size7.5 x 4.4 x 5.8cm
Power Plug  AUAU Power Pins


Broadlink is a China based manufacturer of smart home products which commercializes environment sensors, light switches, sockets, home alarms kit and universal remotes, fully controllable through WiFi and mobile network using the proprietary e-Control app. Oddly, there is no videosurveillance camera, which to be honest makes no sense at all since it would nicely fill the Broadlink Smart Home portfolio.

The product, BroadLink SP Mini 3 (SPM3) WiFi Socket, is a nice white box, made of sturdy premium plastic, which once plugged into wall socket makes any appliance controllable through WiFi: switch on, switch off, set on/off timer through Broadlink e-Control app.

A pulsing soft blue light shows the status of the device (on or off) and houses the one and only button, used to set up the device or switch it on and off manually.

Setup process is really straightforward: open the e-Control app, tap on “add device”, long press the only button on the SPM3 and the app will take care of the WiFi activation and settings. The SPM3 name and image can be customized to reflect the appliance plugged in (e.g.: dishwasher, lamp, TV, etc)

Use cases are quite unlimited and open up to some really interesting possibilities, making virtually any pluggable device “smart” and controllable through WiFi or mobile network as well as enablinginteractions between multiple smart home objects: plug in a light and set it up to be switched on as soon as you open the door, interacting with door sensor; or start the washing machine remotely to minimize energy bill; or schedule TV and lights to shut down at 01:00 am while you already are asleep.


NB: This item user manual is in Chinese. User and Setup Instructions below apply 
How to setup and use this device

How to connect your phone to the smart socket?
Scan the QR code in the package and download the APP to your phone.
Plug the smart socket to the power and press the on/off bottom for a few seconds. 
The WiFi icon on the socket will flash very fast, which means the socket is ready to connect.
Connect your phone to WiFi and open the APP in your phone. 
You can register a broadlink account or skip it.
Tap the menu bottom then tap Add device. It will show your WiFi and the password, just click configure.

You will connect your phone to the socket in a few seconds.

PS: The configuration needs to be done on 2.4 GHz.

If your WiFi router is 5 GHz, switch it to 2.4 GHz.

As you have connected your phone to the socket, you can control the socket anytime anywhere as you like.


Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket

Main functions.
01. Power on/off. As you can see in the picture below, the on/off bottom is very big.
Tap the bottom, you can turn on/off the socket .

02. There is a timer, you can set up countdown timer, scheduled timer or repeated timer.


Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket


How to set up different scenes?
As you can see in the APP homepage, there are 2 pictures, they are living room scene and bedroom scene.
Tap the living room picture for 2 seconds, you will see the setting.
Click edit, the you can edit all the smart sockets in your house, such as turn on the light, then the air conditioning, then the TV...
After you set up the living room scene, you just click the living room picture, and those sockets will work one by one.
Or your can set Time On function, it will work on set time. 
If you want to use the Auto Home or Auto Away functions, you have to use the Broadlink sensor.

You can press the + bottom and add more scenes.


Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket


Other settings.

01. Edit socket name. Press the + bottom and Device list. Press the socket icon for 2 second then rename it, such as light/ AC/ TV,
just to tell one socket from others.

02. Create shortcut. Press the setting icon and press the Create shortcut bottom, the socket will be on the APP homepage.

If you have several smart sockets in your house, you can control them easily with their shortcuts in the APP homepage.

03. Random timer. You can set up some random timers to protect your house from thief, such as 19:00 on everyday.

04. Charging protection.


Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket


Update the APP version

The latest version is v10018. If your APP is a old version, you may have problems with the socket.

Here is how to update the APP.

Connect your phone to the WiFi. Make sure your phone and the smart socket are using the same WiFi.

Click setting - click firmware update - click advanced - then enter the following URL in the text field.

The update takes 2-5 minutes, do not use the phone while updating. 

Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket Test Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart SocketTest Review of BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Socket

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