Breadboard Wires Male to Female for Electronic DIY

Breadboard Wires Male to Female for Electronic DIY

 Breadboard Wires Male to Female for Electronic DIY


40 x Premium Quality Jumper Wires 20cm long
Great for quick prototyping
Wires are bound together
But can be easy peeled apart

Quality 40 premium Male To Female 20cm jumper wires in a single unit. They come in very handy with modules that have male headers. These wires are particularly useful for Raspberry Pi because of the its male GPIO pins. They also work well if you have to extend a Male To Male wire. The wires being bound together gives you the option to peel off single ones as you need them or to create custom sized wire assemblies. If you need 6 wire bundle you can peel off those 6 and they will stay together and keep your circuit nice and tidy. The colors alternate every 10 wires so its easy to follow where each wire begins and ends. The pin housings are 2.54mm (0.1in) standard width so they line up neatly on your Raspberry Pi pin headers, your breadboard, and anything else that matches the standard.


Female to female Dupont wire with 1P-1P pin header. These Dupont wires measure approx. 8.3 inch / 20 cm in length, they are compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin header.


1P-1P pin header
11.8 inch / 20 cm length
Compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin header
Can be used for PCB project, PC motherboard, etc
Color: Random color (white, yellow, green, blue, brown, etc)


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