Raspberry Pi Western Digital Hard Disk Drive 375gb capacity

Raspberry Pi Western Digital Hard Disk Drive 375gb capacity

Western Digital Pi Hard Disk Drive 375 Gb capacity

Storage for your Raspberry Pi with more space to create and store your projects

Engineered specifically for Raspberry Pi with space to create.

Jump start your creative projects with customized USB storage for Raspberry Pi.  The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition includes a WD PiDrive cable and microSD card preloaded with starter software to help you easily install OS’s.  The WD PiDrive is optimized to work with Raspberry Pi and the software initiates OS installation directly on the drive for more capacity. 

Seamless Onboarding

With the preloaded starter software, you have a cleaner onboarding experience and bypass the tedious steps of imaging and flashing a blank SD card. The custom version of NOOBs further simplifies the process by installing the OS’s directly onto your USB drive.

Access from one place with Project Spaces

Designed exclusively by WDLabs, Project Spaces creates up to 5 work spaces on a single drive, each preconfigured with an instance of Raspbian Lite.  Create and access multiple projects from just one Raspberry Pi and Pi Drive setup.  With Project Spaces, you don’t need multiple SD cards to manage your projects or experiments.

Preloaded and custom NOOBs

Our microSD™ card comes with a custom version of NOOBS OS installer that enables booting from SD card and launching from the drive. This unique software installs Raspbian PIXEL, Raspbian Lite, and Project Spaces directly onto the USB drive, so that whether you’re a Raspberry Pi beginner or pro, we give you the essentials to dive into your projects right out of the box.

Give yourself a slice of Pi with the custom-engineered WD PiDrive 314GB! Built to be uniquely Pi, the WD PiDrive 375GB works more efficiently with Raspberry Pi than a standard WD hard drive, and is compatible with WD PiDrive accessories available at the WD Store.

With 375GB of instant capacity, you can create your own DIY projects without breaking the bank.

Lower power consumption

With custom data recording and electrical design, the WD PiDrive 375GB is engineered to draw less power for use with Raspberry Pi.

Fully customizable

Build storage-hungry projects to your desired needs, whether a media player, security camera or NAS. The WD PiDrive 375GB is as versatile as your Raspberry Pi.


Leveraging very mature HDD technology, based off of the WD Blue slim drive.

Easy installation with pre-installed SD card Berry Boot program

Hassle-Free OS Installer
The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition device includes a microSD card preloaded with a custom version of NOOBS (New Out of the Box Software) pre-configured with Raspbian PIXEL and Raspbian Lite. With this OS installer and starter operating systems, you can get started right out of the box, or download and install multiple Raspbian OSs directly onto your flash or HDD drive.

A unique software solution for new users

As a free download on the WDLabs website, a special WDLabs BerryBoot* version is available that includes additional Raspberry Pi applications specific for HDD storage usage.

*BerryBoot is a simple operating system installer (open-source software) and boot selection screen for ARM devices, like Raspberry Pi, to create a cleaner plug and play experience. It allows you to install multiple applications directly to the drive.

Capacity: 375GB


USB 3.0 / 2.0 (NB: Raspberry Pi supports USB 2.0)


WD PiDrive Foundation Edition Software


Package Includes:

  • 7.5 mm native USB hard drive
  • WD PiDrive Cable
  • microSD™ card (preloaded)

comes with:

  • WD PiDrive 375GB (Native USB 7mm HDD)
  • USB 2/3 cable to plug the disk into the Pi USB port
  • 8Gb SD card setup to enable install of OS or Kodi onto the drive.

not included:

  • WD PiDrive Enclosure 
  • Power Adapter (5V 2A) and USB cable

5- Power for both the Pi and the hard drive



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