Raspberry Pi Video Kiosk Display Screener

Raspberry Pi Video Kiosk Display Screener

Raspberry Pi Video Kiosk Display Screener

One of the most commonly requested projects for the Raspberry Pi is
to display one or more videos on a never ending loop.


This may be for a new product promotional display in a shop, or you may want to constantly loop an information video for an upcoming event, or just display a video informing people to a upcoming change.

Well, a simple product called MP4Museum is here to do just that.

The system comes fully assembled and ready to go.

The product consists of a

  • Raspberry Pi 3 mounted in a case

  • SD card with the software pre-installed

  • 2.5A power supply

  • 2 Meter HDMI cable.



All you need to do is copy the video files that you wish to be played onto a USB thumb drive. It will play the MP4 video files in the same order that they are found on the USB stick. They should work anywhere on the drive, however, MP4 files in the top level file of the drive will be guaranteed to work every time.

The beauty of MP4Museum is that you don’t have to plug the USB drive in before you turn it on. You can leave the Pi running all the time and it will just display a blank screen if it can’t find any MP4 files to play, and when you plug a USB drive in with MP4 video files, it will automatically begin to play them after a few seconds, and loop them once it gets to the end.


It’s important to note that you do need to use MP4 video files for this to work. You can’t use other video format types.
Also the display is setup to run on a screen in landscape and not vertical.

And that’s all there is to get started with MP4Museum to display everything from video loops to full-length movies.



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