Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Socket Intelligent Remote Control Timer Plug for TV Lamp Electrical Appliances - White

Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Socket Intelligent Remote Control Timer Plug for TV Lamp Electrical Appliances - White

Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Socket
Intelligent Remote Control Timer Plug for TV Lamp Electrical Appliances - White




  1. Original Xiaomi mi smart WiFi socket for daily use
  2. Mobile phone remote control, you can switch power supply optionally when not at home (Mobile phones must be connected to the internet network)
  3. Overload protection, safe to use
  4. High temperature resistant, 750 degree high temperature fire resistant material
  5. LED indicator: Hidden indicator light, with low light brightness at night
  6. Timing switch setting via the App to set on and off timers
  7. The case is made of 750 degree high temperature flame resistant material, interior is made of 0.6mm high quality carobronze, plug is made of 1.5mm brass, very safe
  8. Easy to use stand-alone application: Xiaomi smart socket can be used via a free downloadable phone APP which not only has a simple interface, but it is also easy to set up
  9. It is small and light weight, intelligent and safe, you can take it along during your travel
  10. Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.

In a nutshell, the Mi Plug (like any other smart power plug) goes between the power plug of your device or appliance and the power socket. Because it’s able to get onto the Wi-Fi network, you’re able to control it remotely through a mobile app. The benefit is obvious: you no longer need to be physically present to flip the power supply switch.

The Mi Plug, for all its intents and purposes, is a simple-looking plug with a white glossy shell that can withstand a temperature of up to 750°C. In fact, the packaging it comes in is no bigger than the plug itself. The internals like the contacts and connectors use materials like nickel-plated phosphor bronze, and the sturdy 1.5mm input pins use nickel-plated brass. It supports a maximum load of 2,200W (10A), and is suitable for 180 to 250V voltage standards, which means it can be used here.

So, what’s so smart about the Mi Plug? For one, it uses a Marvell Wi-Fi SoC designed for IoT devices. This supports up to 802.11n networks but only on the 2.4GHz band. So during initial setup with the mobile app (available for both Android and iOS), you’d be asked to switch to a 2.4GHz network before you can proceed. Once that’s done and the Mi Plug is hooked up to the network, it doesn’t matter if your mobile device goes back to the 5GHz band.

The app that allows you to control the Mi Plug is called Xiaomi Smart Home. The Xiaomi Router app can also be used to control the Mi Plug. Despite the Chinese name, the app seems to have been localized, as text within the app shows up in English.

All in all, the Xiaomi Smart Home app, which can also be used to control other smart appliances like the Yi Camera, Mi Air Purifier, and Midea Air Conditioner, is very simple to use. You can tap on the image of the socket and USB port to turn them on or off; you can also define rules so that they can turn on and off automatically at scheduled timings. Occasionally there may be firmware updates; the app should prompt you automatically if there's one or you can check for it manually. The app also allows you to rename the plug, which makes sense if you’ve many of them.



Note: Phone or Tablet user must download the Xiaomi smart home App to control the smart socket functions

Instruction for use:

Step 1: When the yellow light of socket flash, open smart home APP, click the upper right corner of + to add sockets
Step 2: Select the name you want to access WIFI and enter the password
Step 3: When the light is solid blue, the configuration is successful



  • Brand    Xiaomi
  • Model    Smart socket
  • Quantity    1 Piece
  • Color    White
  • Material    750 Degree High Temperature Fire Resistant Materials
  • Wireless standard    802.11b / g / n
  • Wireless Type    WIFI 2.4GHz
  • Current    10A (do not exceed this rating or it may damage the switch)
  • Power (W)    2200W
  • Input Voltage    AC90 ~ 250V
  • Output Voltage    AC180 ~ 250V
  • Working Temperature    0 - 40 Degree
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Product size (L x W x H)    5.5 x 4.4 x 3.1 cm
  • Product weight    63 g
  • Control and timers are set via the Xiaomi App

Package Contents
1 x Smart Socket

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